2023 Flights & Brackets



If you would like us to review your team placement then please send an email to both of the following addresses:
mikehenning@paclassics.org  and  bjakobson@paclassics.org
The title of your new email should be:    Bracket Placement for (Team Name and Age Group). 
To have your team placement considered for movement, up or down, we ask that you email us with direct reasons and supporting evidence for the moves that we can use as reference points.  Items of particular use are scores against opponents also in this event, or how you finished in other events along with the flight you played in that event.   GotSoccer points are not needed as a reference point.  We can see those in your application already and, honestly, we do not seed flights based on GotSoccer points.  Additionally, please do not request to "move down" without first taking a hard look at who you'd then be playing by moving down.  Just because you might not win the flight you are in is not a reason to move down.   Do not get hung up on the name of the flight.  Look at your potential opponents game history.

Please be aware that there is no guarantee that your flight or bracket will be changed by submitting a request for review.


Flight Change Request E-Mails Are Due By:
Due for Boys Teams by 12:00pm (noon) on Thursday, November 9, 2023
Due for Girls Teams by 12:00pm (noon) on Thursday, November 16, 2023



Contact Us

Club Mailing Address:
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Phone #: 717-215-8281

PAC Tournament Mailing Address:
Pennsylvania Classics AC
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