Online Team Registration & Waivers

Online Team Registration & Waivers

All team registrations will be handled online, with materials completed and uploaded, no later than Sunday, 5/1 for Girls Teams and Sunday, 5/8 for Boys teams.


1. Registration Instructions:  Click Here

2. Team Info Sheet:  Click Here

3. Player / Coach / Manager Waiver Form:  Click Here

Waiver Forms are available for both Girls and Boys Teams as of 4.25.22

It is required that every participating player, coach, and manager complete out the "Waiver Form".  This is an online, e-signature document.  Click on the above link, select your event, and then select your team.

If your team name name is not visibile on the team selection menu, please contact Tournament Administrator Brittney Jakobson via email:




EPYSA, the sanctioning body for the Mid-Atlantic Cup, mandates, as a condition to grant PA Classics a Permission to Host permit, that all players are only allowed to play for one (1) team throughout the duration of the tournament.  No player may be rostered to, or play for, more than one team.  Any player found to have played for 2 teams in the same tournament will cause all games for both teams to be forfeited.

U-19:  Players born January 1, 2003 and after.

U-18:  Players born January 1, 2004 and after. 

U-17:  Players born January 1, 2005 and after.

U-16:  Players born January 1, 2006 and after.

U-15:  Players born January 1, 2007 and after.

U-14:  Players born January 1, 2008 and after.

U-13:  Players born January 1, 2009 and after.

U-12:  Players born January 1, 2010 and after.

U-11:  Players born January 1, 2011 and after.

U-10:  Players born January 1, 2012 and after.

U-09:  Players born January 1, 2013 and after.

U-08:  Players born January 1, 2014 and after.



Teams may register for, and participate in, the Mid-Atlantic under either USYSA (State Passes) or US Club Soccer carding systems.  However, no roster may be comprised of players with different passes from different organizations, or no “mixed rosters”.  USYSA teams may only utilize guest players registered and carded with USYSA approved player passes and, likewise, US Club Soccer teams may only utilize guest players carded and registered under US Club Soccer.  No mixing of passes to form one roster will be allowed.