3v3 Game Day Information

  • Players do not need to check in. They can go directly to their field.
  •  All referees we are using are volunteering their time and are not taking any money, so please make sure your parents are not yelling at refs etc… Let the kids just play and have fun, and the refs will do the best they can. We do have a mixture of refs that will be working. We have some coaches that are going to ref games and we also have some referees from the community that are volunteering time.
  • All games are at Classics Soccer Park: 1461 Lancaster Rd, Manheim 17545.
  • During the event, there is also a volleyball tournament going on, so it could be a little hectic. Get to the games early enough so you can find parking etc…. We will have a portion of our parking designated for soccer, so just make sure your parents are aware to follow the instructions when they enter our complex. There will be shuttles working the event because the volleyball event requires a lot of parking; but don’t panic, the shuttle is only for volleyball, we will have enough parking for our event on site.
  • Some of our brackets are round robin and others will have finals. It just depends on the number of teams in each bracket.
  • 3 points for a win, 1 for a tie and 0 for a loss. First tie breaker is always head to head. Second tie breaker is goal differential – (maximum of 3 per game), 3 tie breaker is fewest goals allowed. So it is more important to not give up goals as opposed to running up scores. If there are 3 way ties, then you go straight to the second and then 3rd tie breaker.
  • We are also accepting non perishable food items to donate to the Manheim Central Food Pantry. You can drop that off by the concession stand.
  • CapelliSport is our major sponsor for this event. They have donated tournament shirts for the event, and we will be selling them for $10 each which goes straight to the charity. You can purchase those at the event. They have also donated shoe bags that will go to the winning teams. So, a big thank you to CapelliSport.